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Doing business in Italy


Doing business in Italy


Italy is the 6th world economic power. With its diversified industrial economy, it is an ideal location for companies wishing to expand their international market share. Italy is a land of creativity, centrally located in the heart of the Mediterranean. It is a crucial crossroads for land, sea and air routes linking the north and south of Europe. Moreover it offers skilled workforce and high quality of living. The great strength of Italian economy lays in its vital small and medium sized firms, often located in specialized clusters, specializing both in high quality consumer goods and in products that require high quality design and engineering, which have acquired large shares of the global market.

With almost 60 million consumers, the Italian market offers countless opportunities to businesses in expansion. Invitalia is the government agency that supports overseas companies on investment projects and assists them in all phases of the investment process. The service kit spans from updated information on the business environment, to investment opportunities in specific sectors and advisory services throughout the implementation process.

More information can be found in the Investment guide provided by Invitalia.