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Application for change of name and/or surname


Application for change of name and/or surname


According to article 84 and subsequent ones of Presidential Decree no. 396 of 3 november 2000, as amended by the Presidential Decree no. 54 of 13 march 2012, Italian citizens who wish to change or amend their name or surname must submit a detailed application to the competent Consulate, which in turn will send it to the the Prefettura in Italy. The application is subject to the payment of a consular fee for Revenue Stamp. Further Revenuie Stamps shall be required as the application progress, as indicated below.

PLEASE NOTE: to submit a request fo a change of name and/or surname, you shall send by post to:

Italian Consulate General
32 Melville Street
Edinburgh EH3 7HA

the documentation listed below:

  • Application form (available for download from the "Forms" section of this website)
  • Photocopy of ID (pages with photo and signature)
  • Payment by Postal Order ONLY (do not send cash nor cheques) to "Italian Consulate General" (please write your name at the back of the Postal order). See Revenue Stamp fees Click here.



Please note that no surnames of a historical importance can be chosen or those which may lead people to believe that the applicant belongs to either a famous family or one who is well-known in the town where the applicant was born.

In the application the applicant has to:

a) Specify the name/surname change to be made or the new name/surname to be attributed:
b) Explain the reason (s) for the name change;
c) Specify his/her address in the United Kingdom;
d) Enclose a copy of his/her current identity document (passport or identity card).

Those who need assistance in writing the application may refer to any Italian solicitor.

As soon as this Consulate-General will receive the decree from the Prefettura authorizing the publication of a summary of the application, the interested person will be asked to fill a written application to publish a summary of his/her request on the bulletin board of the relevant "Comune" for a period of 30 days. Revenue Stamps shall be paid for both the application and the decree.

After this term the Consulate-General will send to the Prefettura in Italy a copy of the above “summary” with a report confirming the decree was posted and no oppositions were recorded.

After the Prefettura has carried out the relevant checks, a decree will subsequently be issued authorizing the name/surname change or the new name/surname. In order for this decree to be effective, the interested party will have to submit to this Consulate-General a request to the "Comune" that a note of the above decree will be made in the applicant’s birth certificate, marriage certificate and in the birth certificates of all those who have derived their surname from the applicant. Revenue Stamps shall be paid for both the application and the decree.

When a name change is required because the original one is considered ridiculous or shameful, the application and all necessary documentation will be exempted from the payment of consular fees.