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Codice Fiscale (Tax Code)


Codice Fiscale (Tax Code)

Codice Fiscale (Tax Code)

The Codice Fiscale is essential if you need to carry out financial transactions in Italy, for properties and/ or inheritance matters and it is also issued to non Italians. The service is free of charge and is only for private individuals. Companies must apply for a tax code in Italy, at the relevant office of the “Agenzia delle Entrate” (

How can I apply for Codice Fiscale?


Send the documents listed below to:

  • Application form (click here)- please follow instructions contained therein carefully (click here)
  • a copy of a valid identity document, including the page bearing the photo and the signature and the page stating the authority issuing the document.

1. BY POST to:

Italian General Consulate

32 Melville Street

Edinburgh EH3 7HA

2. BY EMAIL to:


There is no charge for the issue of a Codice Fiscale and there is no need for the applicant to come to the Consulate in person.