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Marriage Abroad


Marriage Abroad

For Italian citizens getting married abroad

An Italian citizen getting married abroad does not need to submit any ‘Marriage banns’.

For those Italians registered with Aire, the Consulate General of Italy in Edinburgh can issue “Nulla Osta” or a ''Certificato di Capacità Matrimoniale'' according to the Munich Convention on 05.09.1980 (application form to be downloaded from section ‘Forms’ of our website)

This Consulate General of Italy can issue such “Nulla Osta” or “Certificato di capacita’ matrimoniale” ONLY for Italian citizens registered Aire with this Office, while for citizens:

  1. resident in Italy: it shall be the relevant COMUNE
  2. resident in another Country: it shall be the Italian consular Office of registration.

An Italian citizen getting married abroad should contact:

  1. the Italian Embassy or Consular Office in such Country – for the purposes of information concerning the documentation required for the registration of the marriage in Italy
  2. the relevant Authorities in that country for all necessary documents related to the marriage.
  3. [PLEASE NOTE: the local Authorities competent for MARRIAGES to be celebrated in SCOTLAND or NORTHERN IRELAND are:

DOCUMENTATION required for the issue of “Nulla Osta” or “Certificato di Capacità Matrimoniale”:

  1. Relevant form (to be downloaded from section ‘Forms’ of our web), completed and signed
  2. Copies of valid photo identity documents of both parties
  3. Payment in full of consular fee applicable (check 'Consular fees’ on our we)
  4. The Italian citizen resident in this consular jurisdiction from more than 2 years is required to submit also declaration issued by relevant local Authorities confirming that the applicant has NOT married locally:

    1. for those resident in Scotland: letter "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN" to be issued by "National Records of Scotland" – applications should be submitted via email:
    2. for those resident in Northern Ireland: declaration issued further to a "Marriage Check" by The Marriage Section - General Register Office - Oxford House, 49-55 Chichester Street, BELFAST BT1 4HL - Tel. 0300 200 7890 - fax: 028 9025 2136 - email:

PLEASE NOTE that, by law, the foreign MARRIAGE of an Italian citizen MUST be duly registered in Italy, as per information provided on our website.