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MISSION Schengen Visa (C Type) & National Visa (D Type)


MISSION Schengen Visa (C Type) & National Visa (D Type)

The Mission Visa allows entry into Italy for political, governmental or public utility functions. In particular, the following categories are eligible for a Mission visa:

  1. Officials employed by administrations of foreign countries on a work mission in Italy;
  2. Staff of the international organizations with which Headquarters Agreements are in force;
  3. Staff with fixed-term contracts of international organizations with which Headquarters Agreements are in force and personalities and members of delegations officially invited to participate in conferences, meetings, conventions and events;
  4. Diplomatic officials, for short official stays in Italy, provided that they do not involve in formal accreditation or notification;
  5. Foreign citizens involved in international organizations for cultural or research activities (for example: researchers and students of the University Institute of European Studies or trainees at FAO or other specialized United Nations Agencies);
  6. Civilian personnel destined to serve at NATO military bases (military personnel are visa-free), which concern both the civilian component (non-military employees directly employed by the US Department of Defense and their armed forces) and the "civilian personnel" (technicians and contractors of private companies, employees of other American Departments and other personnel). For applicants who are located in the United States, the visa will be issued following the request of the US Department of Defense or the Department the person concerned works for. For applicants outside the United States, the request will reach the Representations with a letter from the U.S.S.S.S.O. (diplomatic-legal office that deals with military and civilian personnel destined for Italy) on headed paper of the American Embassy in Rome;
  7. Personalities and foreigners who hold high civil and religious offices;
  8. Personalities and members of delegations officially invited by the Italian Government;
  9. Participants in events and meetings envisaged by bilateral or multilateral agreements to which Italy is a contracting party;
  10. Third-country nationals who are official journalist in their Country and that must be credited in Italy. In this case they need a Nulla Osta (non-impediment declaration) issued by the press office of the External Affairs Ministry. Their application must be submitted by diplomatic authority;
  11. Athletes who participate in sports events or intend to stay in Italy for training periods longer than 90 days, following the official request from CONI;
  12. Family members of the main applicant.


No liability can be accepted for application rejected as a consequence of the applicant not complying with the requirements outlined in the ESSENTIAL INFORMATION page, therefore please make sure you read it in full before applying, and in particular the relevant section for each item marked with * (click HERE).

  1. Duly completed application form*: for short stay visas up to 90 days, please use Schengen Visa (C Type) application form; for long stay visas beyond 90 days please use National Visa (D Type) application form;
  2. Valid passport or travel document* (original & photocopy);
  3. U.K. Residence Permit & photocopy, valid at least 3 months beyond the return date of your trip in Italy for Schengen/Short term visa. Valid (just non expired) U.K. Residence Permit & photocopy for National/Long term visa;
  4. For Schengen/Short term visa only: photocopies of all previous Schengen visas issued in the last 5 years (if previous Schengen visas are endorsed in an old passport, then photocopies of the old passport must also be provided);
  5. 1 recent, colour passport size photo*
  6. Documentation proving the status of public officials or international organisations sent in Italy in the performance of their duties or of individuals whose activity or purpose of the stay is in the public interest for the relations between Italy and the home state/country (i.e. staff ID card, original & photocopy);
  7. Verbal note of the corresponding Ministry or employer Organisation stating the mission program and the authority covering the expenses related to the mission;
  8. Travel ticket reservations*: round-trip for short-term Schengen Visa of less than 90 days; one-way for long-term National visa of more than 90 days;
  9. In case of application for family members, proof of relationship: marriage/civil partnership/birth certificate* (original & photocopy);
  10. Return Envelope*;
  11. Fees* €116.00 for D Type Visa; €80.00 for C Type Visa, unless subject to fee exemption;
  12. For all items marked with * see the ESSENTIAL INFORMATIONSINFORMATION section HERE. No liability can be accepted for application rejected as a consequence of the applicant not complying with the requirements outlined in the ESSENTIAL INFORMATION section.