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Il Console


Il Console

Fabio Monaco - Console Generale per la Scozia e Irlanda del Nord

Born in Pisa on 4 July 1977.

He graduated from the University of Siena in 2001 and in 2005 obtained the qualification for the practice of law.

He continued his studies and in 2007, he obtained a Masters degree for his research project entitled "The Defense of Public Sector Organisations in the Administrative Process”.

In 2012 he was successful in the public examination held at “Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione” for candidates at junior management level.

He has worked in the Public Sector since 2003 when, after another successful performance in public competition, he was appointed administrative officer at the General Affairs Office of the General and Personnel Archive of the State Council.

In 2006 he was assigned to the Litigations Office where he carried out activities relating to the defense of the Administration and he became the Representative of the Administration in court during employment tribunals and on mediation boards in several Provincial Employment Offices. He was also nominated Secretary of Committees set up by the Administration during selection procedures by public competition.

In December 2012, following success in another public competition, he was appointed Administrative Manager at Band 2 level; he worked for the Directorate for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies as Ministerial Councillor, holding a managerial position for
consultancy, research and study. In August 2014 he was put in charge of Division III of the above mentioned Directorate.

During the semester of the Italian EU Presidency (July-December 2014) he was vice-president of the group of the COUNCIL on consular cooperation (COCON)Íž while holding this post he followed the works for the approval of the European Directive on cooperation and coordination measures necessary to facilitate the exercise of the right of citizens of the Union, in the territory of a third country in which the Member State of which they are nationals is not represented, to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of another Member State under the same terms as the nationals of that Member State. In September 2015 he was appointed as Expert delegate to participate in Meetings of Experts on the matter outlined above.

Since December 2016 he has represented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, as a full member of the Permanent Interministerial Commission for the implementation of the Electronic ID Card project (CIE).

Subsequently appointed Consul General of Italy for Scotland and Northern Ireland, he officially took up his post in Edinburgh on 14th August 2018.