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F.A.Q. from the web site of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

F.A.Q. from this Consulate General



What does ‘residence’ mean?
Residence’ is the locality where a person has his/her habitual home and / or where that person spends most of the year.

Who is required to register A.I.R.E.?
All Italian citizens – born in or outside Italy – who reside outside Italy. A.I.R.E. registration is compulsory.



Who can vote abroad?
All Italian citizens – over the age of 18 -, registered A.I.R.E. and in the appropriate Italian Electoral Register.
Only other specific categories of Italian citizens temporary domiciled outside Italy, can vote abroad - in accordance with Law No. 22 dated 27/01/2006 – for general elections and referenda.

How can I cast my vote?
In accordance with Law No. 459 dated 27/12/2001, the vote is cast by post. Further information can be obtained viewing this Office’s ‘Elections’ page.



I have children under the age of 18. Can I apply for an Italian passport?
Those who fathered/mothered children under age and apply for an Italian passport, will required to obtain the consent of the other parent.
Further and precise information is available at this Office’s ‘Passport’ page.

Can I register my under age children on my passport?
Under age children can be registered on their parent/s’ passport/s, as long as they are not older than 15 years.

What should I do in the event of loosing or having my ID robbed?
You can apply for a duplicate of the same (if applicable) or for the issue of other ‘travel document’ at this Office. Please note that at the moment of applying you shall be required to submit original Police report.
More information are available at this Office’s ‘Passport’ page.



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Where can I find information about fiscal obligation in Italy?
Please visit the web site of the Italian Treasure Agency

Where can I find information about fiscal obligations for Italian citizens residing outside Italy?
It is advisable to view the ‘Guida fiscale per I residenti all’estero’ available at: (available in various languages).



How can I apply for a Visa to enter Italy?
For information view this Office’s ‘Visas’ page or the Italian Foreign Office:



Where can I find tourist information, maps and brochures on Italy?
On-line request for information packets, maps and brochures about Italy are available at the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT) site:

I would like to move over to Scotland / Northern Ireland. Where can I get useful information?
Useful information can be found in the following sites:

Where can I obtain information relating to U.K.’s legislation?
You can visit the following sites:  (for Scotland)  (for Northern Ireland)

I would like to work in the UK. What can I do?
You can contact the EURES Service or consult the relevant page of the website of the Ministry of Work and Social Policies (the latter in Italian only).
You can also visit the website of the JobCentres the recruitment service of the British Government’s Department for Work and Pensions.

Can I travel to Italy with my pet?
A new Regulation, 998\2003\EC regulating the animal health requirements applicable to the non-commercial movement of pet animals (dogs, cats, and ferrets) in the European Union Member States is effective as of October 2, 2004.

According to this new regulation, to introduce animals in Italy from third countries, among which Canada, it is mandatory to obtain a European Community veterinary certificate (see Forms) for each pet that will be introduced in the Member States. The new format of the certificate has been approved by the Commission Decision 2004/203/EC on February 18, 2004 and all subsequent amendments.

Additional information is available on the web site for the Italian Ministry of Health.

How can I apply for a fiscal code?
You can either call in person with your passport and proof of address on this Consulate General during normal opening hours (09.30 to 12.30 Mon to Thu) or apply in writing giving all your personal details including address in the UK and address in Italy (to which the plastic card will be sent) and enclosing a photocopy of your passport, proof of address and a stamped self address envelope.

Can my Italian ID card be issued at the Consulate General of Italy in Edinburgh?
Law no. 296 of 27/12/2006 establishes that also Consulates abroad shall be able to issue ID cards to Italian nationals registered with the AIRE office. For the procedure on the issue of ID cards please read the Passport section (click here).

May I travel to Italy even if I have less than 3 months' validity left on my UK passport or EU passport?
You may travel to Italy provided your UK passport is valid when you exit Italy (no minimum validity required). This applies to all EU passport-holders.

Can I pay for the Consulate services by credit/debit card or by cheque?
You can only pay with cash. The amounts to pay are specified in the relevant sections.

What formalities should foreign nationals who intend to get married in Italy follow?
The documentation varies according to the nationality of the husband and wife-to-be. If they are both foreign nationals, they need to contact their respective Embassy in Rome or the Consulate nearest the place where they intend to marry. For a list of foreign missions in Italy please visit .
If however either of them is Italian, they should refer to the Register Office of this Consulate General.

Can I take part in a work placement at the Consulate?
For information on work placements at the Consulate or any other Italian Embassy or Consulate abroad, within the framework of the MAE - CRUI Convention (Conference of Italian University Rectors), please contact the "Istituto Diplomatico" of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the following address:

Istituto Diplomatico
Casale di Villa Madama, 250
00194 ROMA
Tel. 06 36914818

To find out if your university has signed the above convention, please contact the Students' Office of your university or visit

How can I find out when there are vacancies at the Edinburgh Consulate?
Any vacancy for a job, whether temporary or permanent, has to be expressly authorised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Consulate, like all the other Italian institutions, recruits by "concorso" (public competition). Notices of competition are advertised both in the consular notice board and on our website  (on our home page in the "News" section). The absence of any notice of competition means that there are no vacancies.


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