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FAQs Driving Licenses and Vehicles


FAQs Driving Licenses and Vehicles

De-registering a vehicle from PRA (Public Register of Motor Vehicles)

The application to de-register a vehicle from PRA must be submitted to any ‘Sportello Telematico dell’Automobilista” (STA – Drivers Online Desk) in Italy:

Alternatively, Italian nationals who have scrapped their vehicle in the UK or have exported it to the UK prior to 31/12/2019, may submit their PRA application to the Consulate Notary Office. For this service you need to book an appointment by sending an email to:

The request may be made by the vehicle’s owner or those entitled to the vehicle (the heir or the owner who has not yet been registered by the PRA). In the latter case, the person entitled must provide the original deed of purchase of the vehicle.

On the day of the appointment the interested parties must go to the Notary Office with a valid Italian identity document (passport or Identity Card) together with all the required documentation listed in the ACI homepage:



Form NP 3C can be used if you do not have a vehicle Ownership Certificate. The form can be downloaded from:

The form also contains the instructions for completing the form.

The payment of the amounts due must be made by bank transfer to the treasury account of the Institution (with the wording ‘‘Italiani all’estero – Radiazione per esportazione’’, veicolo targato (vehicle licence plate number …) The bank account details are: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Roma, Servizio Tesoreria, Filiale BNL 11 – Via Marsala 6 – cap 00185 ROMA (RM) – ITALY
Conto Corrente n.200044 Beneficiario:ACI-AUTOMOBILE CLUB D’ITALIA - Via Marsala 8 - 00185 ROMA (RM) – ITALY

BBAN bank format: ABI:01005,CAB:03211,CIN:W, Conto n.200044

IBAN bank format: IT03W0100503211000000200044

Swift code for foreign transfer: BNLIITRRXXX

An email address must be provided to the Italian Consulate if the interested party wishes to receive the receipt by email rather than by first-class post.

PLEASE NOTE: the Italian vehicle license plates must be handed over on the day of the appointment.