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For Italian nationals

IMPORTANT, please read: Information on the protection of individuals with reference to the processing of personal data for the purposes of provision of consular services (with the exception of visa issuance and citizenship dossiers) (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, art. 13) Click HERE

As per latest instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to maximize efficiency in the Public Administration, most of consular services are now provided by email, post or through the web portal FastIt. When presence in person is required, it is necessary to book an appointment.

Fast It: It is now available Fast It, a new online service to request a registration in AIRE or change address. You only need to create an account and follow the instructions. Click HERE for more information.

Here follows a short summary about our consular services. When presence in person is required, it is necessary to book an appointment. For further information please visit the relevant sub-section.

Appointment Fast It Email Post
AIRE Registration X X
Change of Address X X
Passport (12 +) X
Passport (under 12) Only when one of the parents does not have a EU citizenship (for signing consent form) X
Electronic Identity Card (CIE) X
Marriage banns X
Dichiarazione di accompagnamento X X
Registration of Certificates (e.g. certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, death) X
Certifications (e.g residence, citizenship, marital status, etc.) X
Certified Translations X
Change of Name and/or Surname X
Notary Services X
Italian Tax Code X X
Declaration of Value X

Special issues/circumstances: It is possible to obtain an appointment at the counter also for services regularly provided by email or post. You are, however, kindly asked to book an appointment at the Consulate for such services only in case of specific issues that cannot be dealt with by email/post. To indicate the details of the specific issues, please use the “notes” field available on the website when you book.

Italian nationals without internet access: Italian nationals without internet access can request an appointment by sending a letter through the post. Please indicate the type of service they need. The Consulate will respond by post specifying a date for the appointment.

Other services: For all services other than those indicated above, e.g. recognition or concession of Italian citizenship, marriage banns, transport of deceased person, you can visit our website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This summary is not exhaustive and before applying for a service it is still essential to visit the pages of our website specific to the service required.