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Registry office

The Registry Office ( deals with the registration of British birth, death, marriage certificates, entries in the Civil Partnership Regstry and divorce decrees relating to Italian citizens. The Registry Office forwards the above-mentioned certificates to the relevant Italian ‘’Comune’’ (Town Hall) to obtain referenced registration.

Furthermore the Registry Office assists all Italian citizens registered with Aire in the following matters: publications of Marriage Bans and applications for a change of name or last name.

For further information please refer to: DPR nr. 396/2000 and Dgls nr. 71/2001

All the certificates are given a registration by the appropriate “Comune” AIRE according to the latest residence in Italy. When a marriage took place in a specific ‘’Comune’’ of Italy, related divorce decree occurring abroad must be sent to that ‘’Comune’’ for registration.


CERTIFICATES: this Consulate General cannot issue birth, marriage, death, divorce certificates which are issued only by the Italian ‘’Comune’’ (click HERE for the template – see under section REQUEST OF CERTIFICATES).

We can only issue marital status and a comprehensive (civil status, residence and citizenship) certificates and certificates\ of no impediment for marriages abroad (see HERE).

Please click here for the Consular fees section HERE.

To return your certificate, please send a pre-stamped, self-addressed envelope, photocopy of your valid Italian passport and a postal order for the correct amount made out to Consolato Generale d’Italia. Please be informed that this Office will process all registration documents in accordance with law and the chronological order of arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants indicating their marital status as “unmarried”, resident in the United Kingdom for a period longer than 18 month MUST submit – together with certificate application – Confirmation relating to the fact that no marriages were celebrated, issued by the competent British Registry Office in the place of residence.