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AIRE – Residence Office

AIRE, Italian acronym for Registry Office for Italian Citizens Residing Abroad, was created with the law 27th October 1988, n.470 and holds the details of Italian citizens who intend to reside abroad for a period longer than twelve months.

It is managed by the Town Halls (comune) in Italy based on the information supplied by the diplomatic missions abroad.

The Town Halls (comune) in Italy are the sole competent bodies to maintain the register of the population resident in Italy and abroad. Each town hall has its own AIRE.

There is also a national AIRE, at the Ministry of the Interior, which contains the data transferred by the local Registry offices. Together with the citizen personal details, the AIRE holds the information pertaining to the register of citizens in the electoral roll.


The AIRE registration is a civil right and is mandatory, it is the prerequisite to benefit from a series of services provided by the Consular offices abroad, and also to exercise important rights, such as:

  • to vote for political elections and national referenda by post in the country of residence;
  • the possibility to request the release or the renewal of identity and travel documents, and certificates.

The consular jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate General of Italy in Edinburgh includes the territories of Scotland and Northern Ireland only.