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AIRE registration for under 18

The registration of a minor born in UK, whose parents live abroad, will be sent together with the birth registration in ITALY (see Registry Office HERE for more info).

The registration of a minor born in Italy, whose parents live abroad, has to be completed by the Italian Town Hall where the birth has been registered.


Please note that registration of a minor in the AIRE is carried out solely for the purpose of confirming the legal residence (or habitual domicile) of that minor, irrespective of any objections thereto arising from an order by Italian or local judicial authorities.

Both parents have the same duties and responsibilities in respect of their children and they must therefore both agree on their children’s place of normal residence.

AIRE applications submitted in the name of a minor living with only one of his/her parents MUST be signed by both parents and accompanied by a photocopy of each parent’s valid passport.

In the case of an AIRE application for a minor signed by only one of the parents, the application must be supported by:

  • Prescribed “Consent”, by means of “Mod1” (to be downloaded from the “Forms” section of our website), completed and signed by the other parent together with a photocopy of his/her valid passport (if the other parent is NOT an EU national, the signature shall have to be officially verified).
  • In the event the declarant is unable to obtain such consent due to the death of the other parent, removal of parental rights by judicial interdict or because the child has been recognised by only one of the parents, supporting documentation to that effect will be required
  • Should the declarant be unable to obtain the other parent’s consent due to the fact that he/she is not reachable or refuses to give such consent, the applicant shall be required to submit “Mod 2” (to be downloaded from the “Forms” section of our website) together with a photocopy of his/her valid passport. The form should indicate the last known address and contacts details of the other parent.